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Wednesday, June 3, 2020


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our mission
Promote excellence in: (1) teaching and learning, (2) scientific inquiry and research, and (3) community outreach and campus service by enriching the connection between the Bucknell community and the Susquehanna River watershed.
our approach
To advance our mission, the Susquehanna River Initiative:
  • encourages interactive teaching and scholarship and development of close mentoring relationships throughout the curriculum and across campus
  • provides a foundation for critical thinking, experiential learning, and personal growth
  • supports the exploration of a variety of perspectives and diverse modes of discipline-based and inter-disciplinary inquiry,
  • inspires ethical exploration, civic engagement, social responsibility and global awareness,
  • creates scholarly teams of faculty that value undergraduate and graduate programs grounded in the liberal arts, sciences, and engineering.
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Our mission is four fold:
  1. Promote scholarly research within the Susquehanna watershed and across the nation and world.
  2. Create new interdisciplinary teaching opportunities, including new courses, on-the-river laboratories, educational field trips, etc.
  3. Educational outreach, including river symposium, teaching workshops and short courses, seminars, and forums
  4. Service to the Bucknell community, including paddling sojourns, stream and wetland cleanups, and more.
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Who we are
• A team of over 25 faculty and 50 students collaborating on teaching, research, and outreach endeavors in the Susquehanna watershed.

• Instrumented field research facilties - both in the river, gravel bed tributaries (White Deer Creek, Lycoming, Loyalsock, ad Muncy Creeks), wetlands (Montandon), forested lake/stream/wetlands (Roaring Creek), and agricultural areas (Buffalo Creek);
Contact us
Susquehanna River Initiative
Environmental Center
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Telephone: (570) 577-1830
What we do
• Revamp existing courses or develop entirely new courses that incorporate the local Susquehanna watershed as a context for learning.

• Collaborate on research in the watershed, including air, water, and soil/rocks.