Use the form below to submit your abstract.

PREFERENCE. Begin by selecting a preference for your presentation (poster, oral, or either). Please keep in mind that space for oral presentations on Saturday is extremely limited, so we encourage all students and faculty to present posters. Posters are on display for the entire event and on Friday evening and Saturday morning you an opportunity to interact with attendees and get a close look at all the work underway in the Susquehanna watershed. In other words, we believe that posters are worth the time and effort it takes to prepare them.

AUTHOR INFORMATION. Take your time with this section. Beginning with the primary author, enter in their LAST
name, then FIRST name, and middle initial (optional). Do not include titles such as “Dr.”, “Professor”, "Mr.", "Mrs.", or "Ms." There are additional fields for the author's department or program name (e.g., "Department of Biology"); name of the university, company, or organization; a street address (mailing or physical, which ever you prefer), and finally the city, state, and zip code. A phone number optional (helpful if we need to contact them) and an email is preferred. Additional sections are provided for 2nd and 3rd authors. If you have more than three authors, enter their information in the "Additional Authors" section.

title and abstract are at the end of this form. You can copy and paste these entries from a word processor for convenience and accuracy. Don't worry if the abstract text box looks rather small on your mobile device or web browser. When you copy and paste your text into the box, the form will capture it all (we tested it with some very long abstracts). However, your abstract should be limited to 2,000 characters or less (not including spaces)

COMMENTS. If you have any concerns about your abstract (e.g., if it contains some complex chemical formulas, foreign characters, unusual spellings, or latin names), then please note these concerns in the "comments" section at the bottom of the form. A simple comment such as " the complex chemical formula in paragraph 1 should read …." will give us a hint. It makes it much easier for us to prepare as accurate a proceedings as possible.

Also, if you are uploading an image or figure with your abstract (see below), please make note of that in the comment section too. That will prompt us to make sure we received your image file and can read it.

KEYWORDS. Select up to four keywords that characterize your presentation.

PHOTOS or FIGURES. This is a new feature - we are now providing symposium contributors the ability to include a graph, map, or photograph with their abstracts. This is optional and we realize that most submissions will not include figures. However, if you have a figure or image that you feel greatly enriches your abstract, then you can use this form to upload that figure file. The file size is limited to 1.6 MB and the image can be in PDF, JPG, or PNG formats. Keep in mind that the final print size of any figure will be small, something on the order of 3 inches wide, so text and other details may not be legible. The color balance and contrast of the image also determine how well the image will look when printed. Please keep these factors in mind and edit the figure accordingly before including it. We will not accept images emailed to us separately or be responsible for cropping or otherwise enhancing the image for publication.

Matters such as file size or other limitations may prevent us from including figures and images in the final
printed proceedings, but we will make every effort to do so. However, we are fairly confident that we will be able to include all figures with the abstracts in the online proceedings. We did so last year, to a limited extent, and it was favorably received.

Bucknell assumes no responsibility for any copyright violations or ownership issues associated with the image or figures. Any photograph, map, graph, or illustration you submit will become accessible to the public and may appear in online and/or printed copies of the symposium proceedings. However, all images or figure will be embedded with the appropriate abstract and not be used elsewhere in the program or on this website. Therefore, anyone who see the figure will be able to associate it with your abstract and credit you as the author. Please make every effort to name the image file a user-friendly name of 50 characters or less, such as "r.k.johnson_et.al_river_symposium_abstract_figure.jpg" or something uses periods (.) and underscore (_) to clearly identify the authors and associate the file with the symposium abstract.

SUBMIT. Once you have entered in everything in the form, please check your spelling and then click the “submit” button at the bottom of the page. Once correctly submitted, you will be redirected to the symposium homepage. A confirmation email will also be immediately sent to the primary author.


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