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Where are we now?

Where are we now? Great question random blog reader! Well, we are having several minor difficulties that we are still working on, but nothing the GymAware team can’t handle! The website is looking quite pretty, our web developer (Evan Gingrich)

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Data Validation and a Broken Box

We are well on our way of collecting massive amounts of data. One of the biggest issues we have had to face is data validation; that is to say validating whether our sensors are actually working or not. Originally, the

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GymAware Unleashed!

Greg Schrock testing the GymAware system

Where is GymAware right now? Right now our first iteration is deployed at the gym. Please help the team gather data but using our treadmill! Which treadmill is ours, you might ask. Well I hope these images help you find

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Where’s your BOX?

As the team gets close to deployment we wanted to share our box! Obviously we didn’t change majors over night so a huge thanks to Matt Lamparter, the ECE Lab Director, and the Mooney Lab Student Assistants, JD Russo, for

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Say “Hi” to the GymAware Team!

Gym Aware Project Team

GymAware is a Proof-Of-Concept ( POC ) for detecting real-time usage of gym equipment. The basic design of GymAware is to collect distance data on an ardunio fio using ultra-sonic and infrared sensors. That data is wireless sent to a

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