Final project proposals

Project teams

  • Samek Environmental Monitoring: Xin, Rachel, Joe D, Joe R, Robbie
  • Gym Aware: Alex, Evan, Andrew, Greg, Li
  • MAC & Cheese: Sam, Colin, Ethan, Maggie, Tiago


  • Due: 3/20/15
  • Written proposal (email to me prior to class)
  • Oral presentation (<15 minute) + time for questions


Your project proposal should include all of the following:

  1. Clearly describe the overall goal of the project. Be as specific as possible. What problem are you trying to solve?
  2. Present your design. How do you plan to solve this problem (be specific)? What potential solutions did you consider? Which solution did you select as the “best”? How?
  3. What resources are needed. What alternatives did you consider? Why did you make this selection?
  4. How / when / where will you deploy your system?
  5. How will you validate that your solution is producing “good” data?
  6. How will work be distributed within your group; who is responsible for each piece?
  7. What is your schedule with milestones?
  8. How will you evaluate your solution (how would you grade yourself?)


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