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This is a perl script that combines with latex to make the reference syntax more humane for authors using the Physical Review's revtex macro. Since it is a script, the source code is ASCII, and all the documentation is in the code - you can preview it in your browser and then simply save the file. (download and/or preview reftex, version 0.3, Apr 2002)


Here's a program I wrote for making compact eps files from domain configurations in my coarsening simulations. The documentation is for version 0.1, but you can type
     matrix2eps -h
to get the updated features. To download the binary, right-click on the link and choose "save link as" or something similar. If you compile the source code, you need to link the math library, i.e.
     gcc matrix2eps.c -lm -o matrix2eps
Usage: at the command line just type "matrix2eps datafile", and it will create datafile.eps. At present the datafile has to be a square matrix with n even (not necessarily a power of 2). The program simply reads in the first n2 numbers assuming they are n rows of n columns, so extra carriage returns or other white space doesn't matter (so data set up for DynamicLattice in -matrix mode works perfectly).

The output is just a 2-state (or "spin hardenend") plot: all lattice points with a positive number are plotted in one color and those with a negative number in the other color. The default colors right now are black and white. You can easily change these by editing the postscript file: the 9th line starts with an "/S {..." and ends with "0 0 0 setrgbcolor". Changing those three numbers, which range from 0 to 1, changes the color of state 1 (which is currently black). Then the 12th line, starting "/T {..." has the rgb setting for state 2 (currently 1 1 1, or white). These .eps files are much more compact than what you can make with a screen grab off DynamicLattice, for example, and they also compress well. Pretty handy.

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