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Lab 14

Cache Performance A Level-One (L1) cache is part of the actual processor chip, that is, it is integrated onto the same die as ALUs, control units, and other major components. The collection of performance statistics for the cache (number of hits, number

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Lab 11

Buffer overflow and stack smashing Set Up Copy to your ~/csci206/Labs/Lab11 directory all the files from ~cs206/Labs/Lab11 if you haven’t done so.  Create a file called answers.txt, in which you will write answers to the questions in this lab. The header

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Lab 10

Floating point operations in assembly Objectives Apply your understanding of how floating point numbers are represented Practice writing MIPS programs with floating point operations Introduction When we program with high-level languages, it’s very easy to overlook the fact that some complex

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Lab 8

Linked Lists In the prelab, we introduced the linked list data structure and created the struct snode to represent each list item. In this lab we’re going to put this data structure to work in your own complete linked list library. Before we get

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Lab 7

Introduction to the MIPS VM, arrays, and structures in assembly and C Objectives Learn how to access the mips machine, write, compile, and execute MIPS programs Learn how to write programs using both C and assembly code and work with complex data

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Lab 6

Procedures in MIPS Goals Practice implementing procedures in assembly programs Practice using the stack to store data in assembly Practice writing programs in MIPS assembly Practice using git for revision control The MIPS ISA provides four registers for passing parameters into a procedure and two additional

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Lab 4

Intermediate C Programming In this lab you will practice writing and debugging complete C programs with arrays, strings, functions, and file IO. You will learn how to compile C programs with multiple files using a Makefile. Goals After completing this

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Lab 3

Introduction to MARS and MIPS assembly Goals Learn to use the MARS IDE (Mips Assembly and Runtime Simulator)  Gain experience with MIPS assembly Practice using Git for revision control Setup The Mips Assembly and Runtime Simulator (MARS) is a tool for students to

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Lab 14 – Prelab

Goals In this prelab you will setup the Intel Pin tool to run on your system and use it to collect memory access traces from several programs. Set Up Open a shell, go into your local git repo, and do a “git

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Lab 12

Bomb Lab The nefarious Dr. Evil has planted a slew of “binary bombs” on our class machines. A binary bomb is a program that consists of a sequence of phases. Each phase expects you to type a particular string on stdin. If

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