January 10, 2018

Schedule CSCI241-02

This is the evolving schedule of the class. Visit often to stay in tune with upcoming changes and announcements.

  Date Topic Reading Materials Homework Who
Wednesday 01/17/2018 Introduction to Morality and Ethics Chapter 2 [slides]
[Activity 1]
Friday 01/19/2018 Solving Ethical Dilemmas [Activity 2] Perrone
Wednesday 01/24/2018 Intellectual Property Chapter 4 [slides]
Friday 01/26/2018 Fair Use [video] Perrone
Wednesday 01/31/2018 Information Privacy Chapter 5 Perrone
Friday 02/02/2018 Marketing and Data Mining [Activity 3] Anmol, Nigesh
Wednesday 02/07/2018 Privacy and the Government Chapter 6 Perrone
Friday 02/09/2018 The National ID Debate Caroline, Jenna
Wednesday 02/14/2018 Professional Ethics Chapter 9 Perrone
Friday 02/16/2018 Whistleblowing Anna, Gabe
Wednesday 02/21/2018 Work and Wealth Chapter 10 Perrone
Friday 02/23/2018 Rise of the Robots Gary, Eli
Wednesday 02/28/2018 Jobs and A.I. Perrone
Campus Theater 6:30pm Movie
Friday 03/02/2018 Automated Weapons Eric, Dylan
Wednesday 03/07/2018 Ethically Aligned Design Perrone
Friday 03/09/2018 The Digital Divide Holly, Tyler
Wednesday 03/14/2018  Spring Break
Friday 03/16/2018  Spring Break
Wednesday 03/21/2018 Technology and Happiness Perrone
Campus Theater 6:30pm Movie
Friday 03/23/2018 Social Media and Relationships Jingya, Junjie
Wednesday 03/28/2018 Diversity in Computing: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality Perrone
Friday 03/30/2018 Diversity in Computing: Gender and Sexuality Students 8
Wednesday 04/04/2018 Computer & Network Security Chapter 7 Perrone
Campus Theater 6:30pm Movie
Friday 04/06/2018 Ethical Hacking Katherine, Corrine
Wednesday 04/11/2018 Cyber Crime and Cyber Attacks Perrone
Friday 04/13/2018 Electronic and Online Voting Joe, John
Wednesday 04/18/2018 Computer Reliability Chapter 8 Perrone
Friday 04/20/2018 Hardware System Failures Students 12
Wednesday 04/25/2018 Software System Failures Perrone
Friday 04/27/2018 Wrap Up – Course Evaluations Perrone
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