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Project #2 Stock Market Game
CSCI 355 - Distributed Computing
By Professor Dan Hyde - Spring 2007

The ultimate goal of this project is to use distributed objects to implement a stock market game for several human players and several computer players. The implementation must be done using Java RMI.

You are to create a fast-paced on-line interactive game of stock market, which has many of the characteristics of electronic commerce. The entities in the game are a bank, a stock exchange, several companies and several players. The time between events has been significantly accelerated to make the game more challenging and interesting.

The winner is the player with the highest total value in cash and stock value after a certain period of time.

Of course, a player can not buy shares of stock that don't exist and he or she must have enough cash to purchase the desired shares.

The bank, stock exchange, companies and computer players are trusted entities, i.e., they don't cheat.

Phase 1: A Design for Your Game - Due Monday March 26, 2007

You must submit a design of your game. This includes a design of the human players's screen including the human interactions. An important aspect of the game is effective presentation of the stocks and effective interaction mechanisms to allow the player to make quick and meaningful decisions. Be creative in your design! Your goal is to make an interesting game for several individuals to play.

Hand in a mockup of the player's screen and describe it's appearance and the player's interactions. The mockup could be done in MS Word.

Supply a class diagram showing all the remote objects and where they reside. Describe the responsibilities of each object.

Explain why you decided on your design.

Phase 2: A Partial Implementation of Your Game - Due Monday April 2, 2007

You implement part of your design. You should implement the bank and the companies. Also, in this phase, you should have a simple human player and a simplified stock exchange.

Phase 3: A Total Implementation of Your Game - Due 3 PM Tuesday April 10, 2007

Implement the rest of your design.

You are to design and implement a computer player which analyzes the bids on current stocks and buys and sells to make a gain. It also post bids on stock it owns. A parameter is passed to each computer player on start up to characterize its behavior in the range from very bearish to very bullish. The computer players provide variety and fluctuations in the market and, therefore, more interest to the game.

We will demonstrate our games in lab as we did before. Prizes will be awarded to the best games.

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