Computer Science Department, Bucknell University

CSCI 475 Senior Design
Homework 1
Fall, 2004

This homework assignment has two independent parts.

  1. In order that I may get to know you all better and to form teams for each project, I would like each of you to write an essay on yourself (Maximum of 500 words). It must be emailed to me by 5 PM Monday August 30, 2004. Your essay will be held strictly confidential.

    Include the following:

    As far as the formation of the teams, I will create the teams. However, I will allow you to name one (1) individual that you would like to be teamed with. Also, I will allow you to name one (1) individual you would prefer NOT to be teamed with. I will try to satisfy these requests but no promises.

  2. Do Learning Java Exercise 1 and hand in at the beginning of the next class period (Wednesday September 1, 2004). See URL

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