CSCI 479 Capstone - Software Design in Java

By Dan Hyde Fall 2002


Week Date        Topics                                                                        Project                             Homework

    1      Aug 28   problem-based learning; problem solving           Hand out Project            HW1 learning Java

                            methodology; Capstone goals; teams;

                            team building, team roles; team skills


    2      Sep 2      pair programming; project organization;                                                        HW2 more Java; pair

                            planning; review OOD concepts; practice OOD                                           programming; BlueJ; UML


    3      Sep 9      XP tenets; documentation tool Javadoc;                                                       HW3 developing GUIs;

                            version control tool CVS; unit testing and JUnit tool                                  pair programming; CVS


    4      Sep 16    UML Diagrams; responsibilities and                                                              HW4 drawing program;

                            collaborations in OOD; planning game in XP;                                              OOD; CRC cards; UML

                            writing requirement specs; writing XP stories


    5      Sep 23    customer relations, overview distributed             HW4 subset of Proj.;     HW5 unit testing; JUnit

                            systems; client/server; TCP sockets in Java;      team presentation


    6      Sept 30   unit testing of GUIs; Robot class in Java;           Teams start                     HW6 technical review of

                            distributed objects; Java RMI                               interactions with            literature for Project



    7      Oct 7       software architectures; more XP; role of                                                        Learning Java 4 clients and

                            customer; “Do the simplest thing that works!”                                            servers in Java (optional)


    8      Oct 14     acceptance tests; test plans                                   Iteration 1 due;               Learning Java 5 distributed

                                                                                                                customer review             objects; Java RMI


                            [Fall Break Oct 21-22]


    9      Oct 23     marshalling parameters; Java serialization;         

                            sending arbitrary objects across network;         

                            polymorphism; Java archives - .jar files;


    10    Oct 28     legal issues – intellectual property;                      Iteration 2 due;

                            Java Servlets and connecting to Oracle               customer review



    11    Nov 4     pitfalls using Java threads                                      Release 1 due;

                                                                                                                10 min. presentations;

                                                                                                                technical report


    12    Nov 11   conflict management; communicating

                            with customer


    13    Nov 18                                                                                       Iteration 4 due;

                                                                                                                customer review


    14    Nov 25   Capstone – reflections on Bucknell                     

                            education; viewpoints and values                       


                            [Thanksgiving Wed Nov 27-29]


    15    Dec 2      Capstone – primary goal of an

                            undergraduate education


    16    Dec 9                                                                                          Release 2 due;

                                                                                                                20 min. presentations;

                                                                                                                Final Project Report