Course Information

Course syllabus where you can find information about the instructor, course description, course outcomes, expected work, and grading scheme.

Deliverables and Time Line

Throughout the project life time (our semester), there will be a number of milestones where deliverables are expected. Because of the dynamic nature of the agile development process the deliverables and their dates may be revised.

Follow the course schedule for a time line and deliverables.

Here is the proejct description.


Follow this link for a collection of resources.

Agile development resources

Lecture notes on Agile development

A collection of exercises

Branch and Merge in Git

Learn Git Branching

Peer Evaluation

This form is used to evaluate individual effort towards team activities. You can also use the Word form to email me directly.


This rubric will be used to assess your presentations.

This rubric will be used to assess your writings.

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