Project Team Assessment

The Goal and Tool of the Assessment

Team work is one critical piece of CSCI 479. Most of the work in the course is to be completed by a team of students. It is important for the teams and for the instructor to monitor how each team is working together to accomplish the course goals. We will be using a set of survey questions to get a sense how each team is working. The questions are based on the work by Gaddini et. al.. The goal of the survey is to collect information on how the team is functioning. If there are issues affecting the team to perform to their maximum capacity, the members of the team can work together to improve the performance. The survey is not used to assign a single grade to any members of the team, or the team itself.

Here is a copy of the form. There is a set of 22 questions, 21 of which are multiple choices. The questions cover eight different aspects of team work.

  1. Clear, elevating goal (Question 1 and 2);
  2. Result-driven structure (Question 3, 4, 5);
  3. Competent team members (Question 6, 7, 8);
  4. Unified commitment (Question 9, 10);
  5. Collaborative climate (Question 11, 12);
  6. Standards of excellence (Question 13, 14);
  7. External support and recognition (Question 15, 16);
  8. Team leadership (Question 17 - 20);
  9. Optional free text comment.

The above collection of features are essential for team success. A team that works well will need to excel in all aspects.

How The Survey Works

The instructor will send out the survey in Google form twice during the semester, around the 4th week and the 8th week. The goal is to improve the team work throughout the semester. Each student is required to fill out the form. The instructor will discuss the data with the individual team anonymously. That is, the issues reflected in the survey will be discussed without referring to individual members. When recognizing any problems from the survey, the team will discuss ways of resolving these problems and implement the proposed solutions.