January 5, 2016

Schedule 2017

This is the evolving schedule of the class. Visit often to stay in tune with upcoming changes and announcements.

  Date Topic Reading Materials Homework Who
Wednesday 01/18/2017 Introduction to Morality and Ethics Chapter 2
MI-5 video
[Activity 1]
Friday 01/20/2017 Solving Ethical Dilemmas [Activity 2] Perrone
Monday 01/23/2017 Solving Ethical Dilemmas [1] Journal 1 Perrone
Wednesday 01/25/2017 The Diversity of People in Computing – Gender and Sexuality [1][2][3][4]  On Moodle Aleks, Anushikha
Friday 01/27/2017 The Diversity of People in Computing – Race and Ethnicity On Moodle Belskie, Natalie
Monday 01/30/2017 Networked Communications Chapter 3 [1] Journal 2 Perrone
Wednesday 02/01/2017 Anonymity [1] Sean, Matt
Friday 02/03/2017 Mobile Computing Eric, Haberle
Monday 02/06/2017 Are Networking Technologies Making Us Be Alone Together? Journal 3 Perrone
Wednesday 02/08/2017 Texting, Social Media, and Relationships Mac, Nolan
Friday 02/10/2017 Social Media, News, and Government [1][2][3] Anushikha, Natalie
Monday 02/13/2017 Intellectual Property Chapter 4 Journal 4 Perrone
Wednesday 02/15/2017 The DMCA Dale
Friday 02/17/2017 Net Neutrality and Social Justice [1] Perrone
Monday 02/20/2017 Information Privacy Chapter 5 Perrone
Wednesday 02/22/2017 Data Mining Ryan, Wes
Friday 02/24/2017 Privacy and Business Jane
Monday 02/27/2017 Workshop on Project Proposals
Wednesday 03/01/2017 Privacy and Government Chapter 6 [1] Perrone
Friday 03/03/2017 Surveillance Perrone
Monday 03/06/2017 Hacking for Fun and Profit Chapter 7 Perrone
Wednesday 03/08/2017 The Case for Ethical Hacking Nick, Danny
Friday 03/10/2017 Cyber Crime and Cyber Attacks Cybercrime, Season 1, Ep. 5 Perrone
Monday 03/13/2017  Spring Break
Wednesday 03/15/2017  Spring Break
Friday 03/17/2017  Spring Break
Monday 03/20/2017 Reliability and Software Engineering Chapter 8 Perrone
Wednesday 03/22/2017 Warranties and Liabilities Belskie
Friday 03/24/2017 Work and Wealth Chapter 10 Perrone
Monday 03/27/2017 Automation and Employment Ben, Haberle
Wednesday 03/29/2017 Artificial Life, Consciousness, and Rights [Moodle] [1] [2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] Perrone
7:00pm Movie at the Campus Theater:
A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
Friday 03/31/2017 Machine Metaethics: Asimovian and Non-Asimovian Robots [Moodle] [1] [2] Perrone
Monday 04/03/2017 Machine Metaethics: Toward the Ethical Robot [Moodle][1] Perrone
Wednesday 04/05/2017 Globalization Mac, Nolan
7:00pm Movie at the Campus Theater:
The Lives of Others (2006)
Friday 04/07/2017 The Digital Divide Ryan, Wes
Monday 04/10/2017 Poster workshop [posters] Perrone
Wednesday 04/12/2017 Professional Codes of Ethics Chapter 9
Friday 04/14/2017 Cyberwarfare and Infrastructure Aleks, Jane
Monday 04/17/2017 E-Voting Danny, Dale
Wednesday 04/19/2017 The Future of War Belski
Friday 04/21/2017 Self-Replicating Robots: Dangers and Opportunities Ben, Jason
Monday 04/24/2017 Memes and Pop Culture Sean, Nick
Wednesday 04/26/2017 The Control Problem of Superintelligent A.I. Ben, Jason
Friday 04/28/2017 The Future with Deep Learning A.I. Rogge
Monday 05/01/2017 In Closing…
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