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Critically Evaluating the Quality of a Research Source

Originally by Dan Hyde
Revised by Xiannong Meng
August 22, 2005

This page is based on an article by Sally Jo Cunningham, "Teaching Students to Critically Evaluate the Quality of Internet Research Resources," SIGCSE Bulletin, Vol. 29, No. 2, June 1997, pages 31-34, 38. Even though Professor Cunningham's article focuses on evaluating the quality of research resource on the WWW, it is still useful for evaluating articles, technical reports, conference proceedings, etc.

The Internet offers a host of high quality research materials and, unfortuately, a lot of junk. You must evaluate critically the quality of all documents that you use.

Professor Cunningham's criteria for evaluating a research source follows:

Much more detail can be found in her article.
Some other checklists for rating the quality or usefulness of WWW documents and resources are shown below:

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