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Laboratory Environment

The laboratory hardware, software, and Internet connections include ten dSPACE DS1102 Miniboxes and ten Sun SPARCstation 5 workstations [2, 5] as shown in Figure 1. The Miniboxes and Sun workstations communicate through an Internet connection. Each Minibox and workstation has its own IP (Internet Protocol) address and is remotely accessible from any Internet site. The Internet access to the laboratory makes it possible to develop experiments that can be shared among several universities, as proposed in [1]. The remotely accessible experiments should be designed so they can be executed without requiring human intervention in the laboratory.

Each Minibox contains a 40 MHz Texas Instruments TMS320C31 digital signal processor along with memory and input/output circuits. The other hardware components of the DS1102 Minibox include the following:

The Miniboxes are programmed using either C language or Simulink [7], a graphical interface to Matlab [6]. An additional software tool called TRACE [2] is used to debug Minibox programs and also to transfer measured data from the Minibox to the workstation. Measured data can be analyzed on the workstation using Matlab.

Figure: Laboratory components and connections to the Internet.

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