dSPACE Online Manual

Last Updated: 20 July 1996

How to save data from TRACE and load into MATLAB

  1. Use trace to collect data. See previous section.
  2. In trace choose File-Data Format-MATLAB binary
  3. In trace choose File-Save Traced Data. Name the file with a .mat extension.
  4. To load this data into MATLAB run MATLAB and type (or copy):
  5. [x,y,hl,xn,xu,yn,yu] = loadtbd('filename.mat');

    The variables are:

    x = (n,p) matrix with p points of x data
    y = (p,n) matrix with p points of y data
    hl = string vector containing table headlines
    xn = x data array names
    xu = x data array units
    yn = y data array names
    yu = y data array units

    (reference: "Addendum to TRACE for Windows User's Guide", pg.1)