dSPACE Online Manual

Last Updated: 20 July 1996

Setting up your SUN account to use the dSPACE MiniBoxes

In order to run programs on the dSPACE hardware you need to add a few things to your .cshrc file and create a new directory. See below:


  1. Need to use tcsh rather than csh so that shell commands can be executed from Matlab.
  2. You can do this two ways, with (a) preferred:

  3. Add the following line at the end of .cshrc file (this can be done using any text editor (ie. pine, emacs)):
    1. source /home/charcoal/local/dsp_cit/bin/dspace.sh

  4. Create a directory named citfiles in your home directory by typing
    1. mkdir citfiles

  5. Log out and then log back in.