Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Bucknell University
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{ human-computer interaction, visualization, ethical computing, liberal arts college }

I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Bucknell University. This Spring (2018), I am teaching CSCI 203: Intro to Computer Science I and CSCI 187: Computing, Creativity, and the Social Good. I also tend to teach the senior design capstone for our Arts and Science CS majors, as well as my Human-Computer Interaction elective.

My research sits at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Information Visualization, and explores technological designs that empower everyday people to understand the complex world around them. My hope is that someday, our computers will communicate with us in a way that speaks to our diverse backgrounds, personalities, and working environments. For more, visit my full list of publications or the occasional blog post I write about my work.

Most importantly, I believe in student-centered everything. I write ethical design modules for CS 1 courses, and design flipped classroom experiences to encourage experimentation and communication in HCI. I see research as a mechanism to empower undergraduate students, and frequently publish alongside them at top-tier HCI conferences. Finally, I believe it is critical to develop students that combine liberal arts backgrounds with computational thinking, and more broadly advocate for the value of liberal arts colleges.


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