Evan M. Peck

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Bucknell University
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About Me

{ human-computer interaction, physiological interfaces, visualization }

I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Bucknell University. This Spring (2015), I am teaching CSCI 203 and CSCI 204. Recently, I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Tufts University while working with Robert Jacob in the Human-Computer Interaction Lab.

My hope is that someday, our computers will know exactly how, when, and in what quantity we should interact with information to match our unique experiences, personalities, and working environments. My research sits in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and explores the use of brain and body signals as input to systems that deeply personalize our engagement with information.

My research has been featured in New Scientist, Discovery News, and ACM TechNews, as well as other magazines and blogs. My lab's work during my Ph.D. was also covered by The Boston Globe, WBUR Radio Boston, and BBC, but my favorite video was done by TuftsNow.

[ Bucknell Students ]: I am looking for motivated students - designers, programmers, and psychologists - to help me explore new ways that people can use brain and body sensors to interact with the world around them. If you are interested in working with me, drop by during my office hours or email me to figure out a time we can meet.

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