England Trip
Day 1 June 18, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

Tuesday June 18 Departure for England

After months of planning, we (Scotty, Mary Jane, Jan, and Dan) are on our way to England! We take a stretch limo to the airport. Stowaways (Scotty's stuffed animals) in Scotty's carry-on suitcase are going, too! Our itinerary is Harrisburg, PA to Dulles (Washington, D.C.) to Heathrow Airport, London, England.

Image of MJ and Scott in Limo

Mary Jane and Scott in Limo.

Image of Jan in limo

Jan, Mary Jane's twin sister, in Limo

Image of Dan, MJ and Jan at
Harrisburg Airport

Dan, MJ and Jan at Harrisburg Airport

Image of Stowaways in Scott's Backpack

Stowaways in Scott's Backpack

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