England Trip
Day 10 June 27, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

June 27, 2002 Warwick Castle - Ghost Tower

Our first stop is the "Ghost Tower." The lighting is purposely low, ghostly music and the narrator's voice has a Vincent Price quality! This is really a bit scary, even for us. We notice a group of what looks like kindergarteners who are going into the Ghost Tower after us. We hear their shrieks, meaning they have just seen the ghostly head of the murdered Sir Fulke Greville appear.

Image of In Tower

View from top of Guy's Tower looking down on Main Gate and Gate Tower.
You can see Avon River at the top of picture.

Image of Along Avon

One side of Warwick Castle is on bluffs above Avon River.

Image of Ghost Tower

The bedchambers in the Ghost Tower

Image of Ghost Tower

Carved wooden chest in bedchamber of Ghost Tower.

Image of Stocks

Scott and Jan in Stocks on the main court yard.

Image of Stocks

MJ in Stocks

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