England Trip
Day 10 June 27, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

June 27, 2002 Warwick Castle - State Rooms

Image of Chapel

Scott takes a great shot of the stain glass in the private Warwick Chapel.

Image of State Hall

Dinner is set in the State Dining Hall

Image of Small Chairs

Small Furniture for children?
Actually, they are samples used by 18th century travelling salesmen.

Image of Pink Bed

MJ really liked the Pink Bedroom. Daisy's Bedroom

Image of Picture Frame

Fancy Picture Frame for Portrait of Frederick, Prince of Wales (1736).
Poor Frederick never became King! He was hit by a ball during a tennis match and died several months later.
The State Rooms have hundreds of paintings.

Image of State Rooms

The Cedar Drawing Room (1670s)

In a different part of the Castle from the State Rooms was an exhibition called "A Royal Weekend Party, 1898" which has life size wax figures of famous people of 1898.

Image of State Rooms

Wax Figure in one of rooms of A Royal Weekend Party

Image of State Rooms

Wax Figures in the Library - part of A Royal Weekend Party.
Winston Churchill (age 23 in 1898) is standing in distance.

Image of State Rooms

Wax Figure Butler in The Kenilworth Bedroom - part of A Royal Weekend Party.
The room set up specially for Edward, the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII.

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