England Trip
Day 11 June 28, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

Friday June 28 - World Longest Hedge Maze at Longleat Park

Our final destination of the day is Longleat House, an Elizabethan mansion. The grounds are rather commercialized. At Longleat, we go through what is advertised as the World's Longest Hedge Maze. The paths through the hedges total over a mile and a half. We were told if you knew exactly what you were doing, you could traverse the Maze in 10 minutes, however, to allow two hours to make it through! Scotty and Dan did it in about 45 minutes. Dan lets Scott lead the way! This is fun!

Sign at entrance to Maze said, "Children lost and left in the Maze will be sold into slavery!"

Image of Longleat Maze

Center Tower at Longleat Maze

Image of Scotty in the Maze

Scotty in the Maze
Shows you how high the hedges are and how wide the paths are.

Image of Jan and Mary 
Jane at a Bridge

Jan and Mary Jane at a Bridge.

The Maze has many Bridges which cross over other paths, however, no connection to that crossed path. Bridges have walls so it is hard to see the rest of the Maze to try to figure out which way to go!

Image of Glass Wing Butterfly

Glass Wing Butterfly in Butterfly House at Longleat

While Dan and Scotty are visiting the butterfly house on the grounds, Jan and I chat. Jan photographs some chaffinches on the ground near where we are sitting.

Image of Longleat House

Longleat House, the Stately Home of the Seventh Marquess of Bath

To help finance the upkeep on Longleat House and the Estate, the Sixth Marquess of Bath was the first in England to provided attractions for visitor. Besides tours of the House , the Maze and others, the main attraction is the Longleat Safari Park, famous for its lions. We did not have time to do the House or the Safari Park.

Dinner is delicious lasagna (made with cheese from the famed cheese town of Cheddar) at the Rodney Stokes Restaurant near Cheddar.

We spend the night at the Bay Rose House (our B & B for June 28), Cheddar.

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