England Trip
Day 12 June 29, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

Saturday June 29 - Glatonbury Tor

We drive to Glastonbury to climb to Glastonbury Tor. It's breezy on the top, but it IS summer, so it is not nearly as chilly as when we climbed to the Tor in March, 1986. We eat our eccles buns as we climb up to the Tor.

While in Glastonbury, we visit the Abbey, the Abbey Museum (quite well done), and the Abbey kitchen. According to legend, King Arthur and Queen Guinivere were buried in the Abbey. We are intrigued by the herbs, breads, and foods left out in the Abbey kitchen. Apparently they have someone talk about the herbs and foods that were cooked and eaten at the Abbey.

Image of 
Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor

Tor means hill. This hill is a high point surrounding the Somerset Levels which were in ancient times marshes connected by tidal channels to the sea. Therefore, the Tor and the area around it may be the famous Isle of Avalon where King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere were buried in 6th Century. On the top of the Tor is the ruins of a Bell Tower of a 13th Century Church to St. Michael.

Much myth and legend is associated with this area. Some believe that Joseph of Arimathea (who owned the tomb where Jesus was buried) arrived at Glastonbury in 44 AD and when he planted his staff for the night, it sprouted and blossomed the next morning. From this sign, Joseph decided to establish a Christian church here. This staff became the Glastonbury Thorn, a descendent from that bush can still be seen on the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. Historically, this is considered the site of the first Christian Church in England. Evidence shows that a Christian church has stood here as early as the 4th Century.

Legend has it that Joseph buried the Cup of Jesus' Last Supper (The Holy Grail) at the base of the Tor near the Celestial Well, a spring that never runs dry.

Image of View of Somerset Levels as we climb the Tor

View of Somerset Levels as we climb the Tor.
You can see our Bus in the long hedge.

Image of Telephoto shot of 

Scott's telephoto shot of our Bus leaving. It shows how high the hedges are.

Image of The path up the 
side of the Tor.

The path where we climbed up the side of the Tor.

Image of Scott in doorway of St. Michael's Bell Tower on top of Tor.

Scott in doorway of St. Michael's Bell Tower on top of Tor.

Image of MJ and Jan descending path on other side of Tor.

MJ and Jan descending path on other side of Tor.
It is cold and VERY windy! Our shells flap like flags!

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