England Trip
Day 14 July 1, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

Monday July 1 - LEGOLAND Windsor

After breakfast, we load up our car and Dan drives about 300 miles from Dawlish to Legoland Windsor. Scott is our resident 12 year old LEGO Maniac and looked forward to visiting LEGOLAND for many days. We reach Legoland about 11:30 a.m. and have lunch there.

Legoland Windsor is similar to Legoland, California. Our favorite part of Legoland is watching Scotty at the "driving school." Like the Legoland, California, version, the kids attend a short "driver's school," then drive battery-powered cars on "streets." This is Scotty's first time driving on the LEFT side of the road! Jan and Dan photograph Scotty driving around in his red car.

Image of sign as we approach Legoland

Scott's excitment mounts as we approach Legoland.

Image of Main Entrance 
to Legoland<

Main Entrance to Legoland

Image of Crown Jewels Exhibit

The lifesize Guard - made out of Lego blocks of course! - at entrance to Crown Jewels Exhibit.

Image of One of the displays of Crown Jewels

One of the displays of Crown Jewels

Image of Miniland

Miniland where famous sites in Europe are reconstructed out of Lego blocks.
Three million Lego blocks were used and it took three years to build.

Image of Big Ben in Miniland

Big Ben in Miniland

Image of Buckingham Palace in Miniland

Buckingham Palace in Miniland.
Queen Victoria's Monument in foreground.

Image of

Stonehenge and Glastonbury Tor at Miniland.
In real life, these two famous landmarks are separated by over 50 miles!

Dan and Scotty go on a couple rides while Jan and I spend the time walking and talking. Jan and I eat supper at Legoland. It rains at Legoland, only the second rain and the first big rain of our two-week stay.

Image of

Scotty and Dad ride this Dragon Rollercoaster in Legoland.
Fast and scary!

Image of

Picture on TV monitor of Scott and Dad riding DragonCoaster.
I saved $5 and took a picture of the monitor rather than purchase a print.

We leave Legoland about 5 p.m. On our way to the Motorway, Scotty mentions something about "Sally-le-bun's." Scotty seems to have mixed up "Sally Lunn" and "Sally Lunn buns" and "St. Mary-le-Bow." We have a laugh-filled interlude for several minutes.

Image of Kill Your Speed Sign

Kill Your Speed road sign.
We all enjoyed many of the British signs.
Scott was intrigued by them and took pictures of dozens of them.

We are much more experienced sign-readers now, and, with just a little mix-up, arrive at the Ealing Guest House about 6:30 p.m. Dan and Scotty go out to buy their supper,and bring home lots of goodies, which they share with Jan and me. We re-pack our suitcases and get to bed early. Our plan is to return our rental car by 7:30 a.m. and check in at Heathrow by 8:30 a.m.

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