England Trip
Day 2 June 19, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

Wednesday June 19 - Arrive at Heathrow Airport and drive to Windsor

Image of One Corner of Windsor Castle

One Corner of Windsor Castle

Image of Mary Jane and Scotty walking Up to Entrance of Windsor Castle

Mary Jane and Scotty walking up to entrance of Windsor Castle.

Before the tour guide/guard starts our tour, he asks where everyone is from. When all of us Americans say, "America," the topic of World Cup Soccer, and the upcoming quarterfinal matches of the USA and Great Britain (not against each other for that match) comes up. Who would play in the final match? I state my preference: "England will play the USA to a tie, which will not be broken, and BOTH England and the USA will win the World Cup!"

The tour of the castle was informative.

We visit St. George Chapel, and stop at the tomb of the beloved Queen Mum Elizabeth (mother of Queen Elizabeth II), who died recently. We shop at the gift shop. I buy Scotty two lead soldiers (a Welsh Guard playing a trumpet and a Yeoman Warder from the Tower of London) and a scale model of the red double-decker London bus; she also buys some postcards and a guidebook about Windsor Castle. (Jan bought some good postcards before we go into the Castle.)

Back in the town of Windsor, we find a toy store, where I buy Scotty a Paddington Bear stuffed toy. (Scotty likes the Paddington Bear stories.) Even before we were planning our trip to England, I promised Scotty we would visit Harrod's department store in London and we'd buy him a Paddington Bear. But we take advantage of the situation and buy Paddington here!

Image of Garden in Windsor Castle

A Garden in Former Moat of Windsor Castle

Image of Changing of
Guard at Windsor

Changing of the Guard at Windsor

Image of Scott and Windsor Guard

Scott and Windsor Guard

Image of Crooked House in
Town of Windsor

Scott and Crooked House in Town of Windsor

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