England Trip
Day 2 June 19, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

Wednesday June 19 - Runnymede - The Birthplace of Democracy

Ever since studying medieval history in sixth grade, Jan and I have been interested in the Magna Carta. When we discover that Runnymede (where King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215) is close to Windsor, we definitely want to visit the site of the signing. Though jetlagged, we drive to Runnymede. The "mede," or meadow, where the signing took place is still a simple meadow by the Thames River. While Dan and Scotty catnap in our Skoda, Jan and I walk the half-mile or so up a small hill to where the American Bar Association, in 1957, placed a monument to the Magna Carta. This, the first document outlining English civil liberties, was a model for much of the American Constitution.

"On these meads in AD 1215 King John of England sealed the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta (or the Great Charter of English Liberty) ... "

Image of Sign at Runneymede

Sign at Runnymede

Image of Meadows at Runneymede

Famous Meadows at Runnymede

Image of Thames River at Runneymede

Thames River at Runnymede

Image of Willow along Thames
River at Runneymede

Willow along Thames River at Runnymede

Image of Tea House at Runneymede

Tea House at Runnymede Where We had Afternoon Tea

We complete our Runnymede visit with an afternoon cream tea (tea and two scones with strawberry jam and cream) at the Runnymede Tea House across the road from the Runnymede meadow.

Our drive from Runnymede to the Ealing Guest House in Ealing, Greater London (where we stayed for three nights), is an adventure. Unfamiliar with the exit and road signage on the Motorway (interstate), we miss the exit we should have taken. Somehow, we eventually manage to reach Ealing and our Guest House, about 8 or 9 p. m. Darling Scotty, who had very little sleep on the plane to England, sleeps through all the wrong turns and wrong streets, and wakes up just enough to climb the stairs to our room and fall onto his bed, asleep with all his clothes on until morning. We really cram a lot into our first day in England!

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