England Trip
Day 4 Friday June 21, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

Friday June 21, 2002 London

"At 7 AM, we watched the England vs. Brazil soccer game on the small TV in our B&B. From our B&B in Ealing, West London, we take the Tube (South Ealing Station) into London. We depart the Tube at Westminster Bridge to see the British House of Parliament, Big Ben and The Eye. We walk to Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square (Where we watch a pick up soccer game.), Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, and Harrod's. Scotty is in high heaven in Harrod's Toy Kingdom!"(Dan.)

Football (soccer) Fever! This is the day of the Big Game in World Cup 2002 for the British - the quarterfinal, England vs. Brazil. We delay our "tube" trip into London to watch most of the game. We find out that England loses, 2-1, and thus is eliminated. Many employers allowed their employees to come in two hours late this morning (thus giving them time to watch the game) and work two hours longer in the afternoon. Many pubs had permission to open at 7 a.m. and have a special "English breakfast" for all who wish to watch the game there. The USA plays their quarterfinal game against Germany, and loses 1-0. The final game will be played Sunday, June 30 - Brazil vs. Germany.

Image of Big Ben on Tower of British Parliament

Big Ben on Tower of British Parliament

Emerging from "The Tube" and walking within sight of Big Ben and Parliament is exciting. Also eye-catching is "The Eye," the huge ferris wheel built across the Thames for the Millennium celebration. For Scotty, the best part of today is "doing everything in London." For me, the best part is seeing the statue of the Iceni warrior, Queen Boadicea (Boudicca) across from Parliament, and walking, later, through St. James Park. For Jan, the best part is finding out how quiet London is - none of the blaring "boomboxes" and honking horns heard on US streets.

Image of British
Parliament Building

British Parliament Building

Image of The Eye

The Eye - a Ride Built for the End of Second Millennium
It rotates so slowly that it takes about 45 minutes to go around once.

Image of Boedicia

Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni, Who Battled the Romans in 61 AD.

Image of Tee Shirt at
Stand Near Big Ben

Tee Shirt at Seller's Stand Near Big Ben.
You can see Big Ben on the right. Neat shot Scott!

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