England Trip
Day 5 June 22, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

Saturday June 22 - Bristol

We get up early and drive about 120 miles to Bristol on the M4 motorway. A British motorway is like a USA interstate only Dan drives 80 MPH in the middle lane of three and is one of the slower cars! The maniacs who drive over 100 MPH are in the far right lane.

We first drive to Shirehampton, a village on edge of Bristol to visit our old friends Shir, Liz and Mon. Dan and Mary Jane lived in Shirehampton for 1985-86 while Dan was on sabbatical at the University of Bristol. We make a stop at "Priory Gardens" and photograph #18, which we rented for the year.

At "Flowers by Liz" (shop), we have a delightful but short visit with Shir (Shirley), Liz, and "Mon" (Monica). Mary Jane: "Shir, Mon, and Liz are my friends from the "Shire Players," the theatrical group I joined when we lived in England for the year. These three women were great friends to me and a lot of fun to be with while I was a member of the Shire Players. Now, many years later, we have just as much fun in our short visit today. I emailed Shir to let her know we were coming to England and would be visiting with her, Mon, and Liz. Shir told us about the Bradford Hotel and made our reservations for us." Shir and Liz recommend we buy a copy of "Bristol A to Zed," a street map of Bristol. We buy one at the newsstand. The street map proves quite helpful getting around Bristol.

Lunch is an "English breakfast" at the "Tasty Bite," a restaurant on the High Street. This restaurant was new since we were there.

We shop at Boots Pharmacy on the High Street for soap, shaving cream, dental floss.

We drive out to the Cotswolds. Our first stop is Chipping Sodbury, birthplace of Joanne K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books. We spend a long time at the picturesque village of Castle Combe, which was the setting for the "Dr. Dolittle" movie starring Rex Harrison.

We stay from June 22 through June 25 at the Bradford Hotel, Avonmouth - a very comfortable place.

Supper is sandwiches. We buy lunch meat and buns at a store in the High Street of Shirehampton, and eat in our room at the Bradford Hotel.

Food. The British prefer "real food," rather than some of the "fast food" and "lunch food" we eat in America. The lunch meat and buns we bought for supper were far superior to any lunch meat and buns we would buy in our local grocery store.

Image of Chipping Sodbury

Main street in Chipping Sodbury, a village about 20 miles northeast of Bristol.

Image of Green Tunnel

Typical "Green Tunnel" as the road winds through the hedges.
On our way from Chipping Sodbury to Castle Combe.

Image of Smart Car

Smart Car on the street in Bristol

Image of Scott at Bradford Hotel

Scott asleep at the Bradford Hotel, our B&B for four nights.

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