England Trip
Day 6 June 23, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

This is the first place where we had a traditional English breakfast in the morning. (Breakfast at Ealing Guest House was continental style - coffee, tea, bread and cheese, milk, cold cereals.) Our menu: bacon (more like ham), eggs, grilled tomato, mushrooms, sausages, potatoes, orange juice, coffee. We could have also helped ourselves to cold cereal, but we choose only to have the English breakfast.

In the morning, we drive to Cabot Tower. The view of Bristol from the Tower is worth several photographs. From the Tower we walk to the Almshouses, the Christmas Steps, the "Shambles." We see overhead the famed Bristol Suspension Bridge. We drive over to the home of Brian and Eileen Stonebridge for 11 a.m. Tea. Jan and I have coffee while Dan has tea and Scotty juice, with cookies for all. We all eat lunch at Riverside Station, a lovely restaurant down at the docks.

After lunch, we say good-bye to Brian and Eileen, then walk to St. John's Gate, a medieval gate still standing. On the sides of the gate are the figures of "Brennus" and "Belinus," the legendary founders of Bristol. At the Corn Exchange we see "the nails," which gave rise to the expression, "Pay on the nail." We photograph the figures striking the clock on Christ Church with St. Ewen and St. George, a church near St. John's Gate.

Image of Cabot Tower

Cabot Tower was constructed on the 400 year anniversary to commemorate the sailing of John Cabot from Bristol Harbor. Cabot discovered mainland America in 1498.

Image of Christmas Steps

Medieval Christmas Steps (1600s) in Bristol

Image of Brian and Eileen

Lunch with Brian and Eileen.
Jan, MJ, Eileen, Scotty and Brian.

Image of Garden at 
Brian and Eileen's home

Garden pond at Brian and Eileen's home.
The British work hard on their gardens and are very proud of them.

Image of Pub Bristol

The Llandoger Trow Pub in downtown Bristol.
This half-timbered pub was the inspiration for the pub in the book "Treasure Island".

Image of St. John's Gate

St. John's Gate
St. John's church sits upon a Medieval Gate of the old Bristol city walls.

Image of St. John's Gate

Scott stands near St. John's Gate.
The church one can see through the gate has the clock of the next picture.

Image of Clock

Medieval clock on Christ Church with St. Ewen and St. George
where the soldiers bang the two bells on the quarter hour.
We enjoyed watching the clock in action. AND the bells were loud!

Supper - pizza at Sea Mills, a little town not far from Shirehampton. Sea Mills is the site of the ancient Roman harbor.

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