England Trip
Day 8 June 25, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

Tuesday, June 25, 2002 Bath - Sally Lunn's Restaurant

We stop in Shirehampton to say good-bye to Shir and Liz, and get directions to Bath.

We've become Cadbury chocolate caramel fans. We've liked Penguins (a chocolate covered cookie with chocolate filling) since we were in England in 1985-86. On our itinerary the next few days we budget time to shop for necessities like Cadbury's chocolates and Penguins.

We "park-and-ride" into Bath - a good plan, since parking is at a premium in this city.

Our first destination is Sally Lunn's for lunch. Sally Lunn's, home of the "Sally Lunn" bun, is always a delightful lunch stop. We have a "Sally Lunn" bun (actually, half a bun) each. Jan and I have coffee, Dan has tea, Scotty has juice. This is a photogenic restaurant - captured very well by Dan's and Scotty's digital cameras. The names of Sally Lunn and her bun figure in an adventure we have on the way from Legoland on July 1.

Image of Sally Lunn's

Sally Lunn's Restaurant in Bath

Image of Front
Window at Sally Lunn's

Front Window at Sally Lunn's

Image of Sally Lunn's 

Story of Sally Lunn and her famous buns

Image of MJ and Jan
in SallyLuun's

MJ and Jan in Sally Lunn's

Image of Sally Lunn's

Charles Dickens, a famous fan of Sally Lunn's

Image of SallyLunn's

Sign in Sally Lunn's that pokes fun at Americans.

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