England Trip
Day 8 June 25, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

Tuesday, June 25, 2002 Bath - Pump Room

We then walk over Pulteney Bridge. Our destination: Cromwell's the candy shop on Pulteney Bridge that sells the tastiest truffles ever. (For the uninitiated, truffles are bonbon-like candies made of chocolate, sugar, and butter, and coated with chocolate.) To our dismay - Cromwell's is no more. Sniff, sniff. But we make up for the lack of truffles to buy. At a sports store on Pulteney Bridge we buy a white England soccer jersey for Scotty.

We stroll down by the Thames, where Scotty plays in a "mini-maze." We have a quick visit to Bath Abbey. We have coffee (Jan and I) in the Pump Room, and the four of us share a glass of the famed spa water. Dan and Scotty walk up to the Circus Crescent (circular-shaped block with lovely townhouses). Jan and I stay down near the bus stop and chat. We all take the bus back to the parking lot and our little Skoda.

We skip supper tonight.

Image of Bath Pump Room

Bath Pump Room

Image of Bath Pump Room

Fountain in Bath Pump Room where you can fill a glass of the famous Spa water.
Lots of sulfur! Tastes like the water at Mom and Dad's home in LeRoy, NY. :^)

Image of Pulteney bridge

Pulteney Bridge

Image of Circus Crescent

Circus Crescent - a complete circle of town houses with four streets entering.

Image of Circus Crescent

Detail of Circus Crescent

Image of Circus Crescent

Closeup roof detail of Circus Crescent

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