England Trip
Day 9 June 26, 2002
By Dan, Mary Jane and Scotty Hyde

Wednesday June 26 - Bibury and Cotswolds

We drive from Bristol into the Cotswold hills. When we lived in Bristol, the Cotswolds were one of our favorite places to explore - many little darling 12th to 14th century villages of Cotswold Stone.

After leaving the Bradford Hotel, we drive to "The Mall" for supplies. Dan buys more computer zip disks for his and Scott's digital images. Jan buys a new backpack. Scott spots a red and white small car. En route to Bibury, our road follows the Fosse Way, a paved Roman road. Bibury, a scenic Cotswold town, is crowded with tourists. When we were here in 1986, we saw lots of chaffinches. (A chaffinch is a little sparrow-sized bird. It is slate-blue, rust, and cream colored.) But none appear today. Scotty feeds the fish and ducks in the Trout Farm. We have lunch in "Arlington Mill Restaurant." Before brousing in a couple shops, I write some postcards. In one shop I buy Scotty "Cranberry," a cranberry-colored Beanie Buddy. My camera malfunctions and stops working altogether. Unfortunately, I have some Bath and Bibury photos on the film roll in the camera. (This roll does not come out when she sends it to be developed.)

Image of Car in Bristol

We shop at a mall near Bristol and Scott sees this car.
It's docorated as England's soccer Flag.

Image of Driving Cotswolds

Driving in the Cotswolds.

Most Cotswold roads have high hedges on both sides and are very curvy. If you are on a road which is as straight as an arrow, it's probably an ancient Roman Road that has been paved over. This straight road is the famous ancient Roman Road called the Fosse Way. Notice that Dan is driving on left side of road. Another of Scott's super shots!

Image of Dovecote in 

Dovecote in Blockley near our B&B

Image of View Blockley

View of the Cotswold Hills near Blockley

Image of Typical 
Road in Cotswolds

Typical Road in Cotswolds - narrow and winding.

Dan was told by a Brit that the country roads follow old sheep paths and they wind to keep the sheep curious. The sheep will walk down the path as they want to see what is around the next curve. :^)

Image of Cotwolds Fields

Cotwold Fields

Our next objective is to find the old Roman road known as Ryknild Street, called "Condicote Lane" in medieval times. We pass picturesque Cotswold villages with picturesque names: Abbottswood, Stowe-on-the-Wold. It takes a bit of driving, but we locate Ryknild Street This road is unpaved, more like a country lane. We walk down it a bit, and take some photos. This is a pleasant interlude.

Image of MJ and Jan on Roman Road

MJ and Jan pointing at a large pavement stone on Roman Road

This ancient Roman Road "Ryknild Street", near Condicote, is about ten miles from Blockley where we had our B&B. We hiked on it for a very pleasant half-hour.

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