Castle Combe
By Scott Hyde

Weavers' Cottages in Castle Combe.

Today we went to Castle Combe. Castle Combe is where they shot Doctor Dolittle with Rex Harrison! We parked and walked to Castle Combe. Castle Combe is a village with thatched roof houses and half timbered houses. When we got there we saw the town cross where they had a market. They say the town cross keeps you honest. I wonder if it works. We also saw a window with dogs in it. Little heads popped up and down.

An old Roman Bridge

We also saw an old Roman bridge in Castle Combe. It's really small. A car could not go on it. It's also supposed to be haunted by a Roman guard. I wonder if it's true? When I took a picture of Aunt Jan and Mom, the ghost was behind them. Just kidding!! I liked the Roman bridge because it was haunted.

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Last update July 21, 2002