Warwick Castle
By Scott Hyde

Warwick Castle

This is a picture of the outside of the castle wall. Warwick Castle is 1000 years old. William, the Conqueror, ordered the making of Warwick Castle. To the lower right hand side is a tent to the Medieval Fair. The flag is England's Soccer flag.

The field inside of Warwick Castle.

The thing that looks like a mini castle is the Mounds. The oldest part of the castle. The birds in the picture are Peacocks. Hundreds of them roam freely in and outside Warwick Castle.

A wax figure of two guys arm wrestling.

A wax figure of a hunting dog in a lu of the Middle Ages.

A knight listening closely to the Earl of Warwick.

An armor collection in the Great Hall in Warwick Castle

We went to a program called Fighting Knights. The Knight in the armor showed the parts of the armor. The guy without the armor is a squire. Here the knight is about to slam his sword into the squire's back. And please do not try this at home!! These are trained professionals.

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