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James R. BRAKE5 (John J.,4 John, 3 Jacob,2 Johann Jacob1) (b. 9 Jul. 1821 pr. Lewis Co., (W)V; d. 26 Jan 1895 Berea, Rithie Co., WV [wife's pension], bur: Auburn) m. 26 Oct. 1848 Lewis Co., [Bk6:209 by J. L. Patterson; bond: 26 Oct. 1848 Bk6:163 Thomas W. Badget/James R. Brake bondsmen] Elizabeth Ann BUSH (b. 14 Jul 1827 Goochland Co., VA; d. ) d/o Wm/Mahala Bush

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Children of James R. BRAKE and Elizabeth Ann BUSH

  1. Benjamin Z. T. (b. 30 Nov 1849 Lewis Co., (W)V; d. 14 Aug. 1858 pr. Lewis Co., WV) died young

  2. Mary C. P. (b. 22 Jun 1851 Lewis Co., (W)V; d. 30 Jul 1858 Lewis Co., (W)V) died young

  3. John W. (b. 2 Jul. 1855; d. 30 Sep. 1856 ae 1y 3m [recorded Ritchie Co. Deaths Bk:1853-1903]) died young

  4. Mahala F. (b. 13 Nov 1853 Stanleys Run, Lewis Co., [Bk1:1 J.R.B. informant at birth]; d. 28 Sep 1858 pr. Lewis Co., (W)V) died young

  5. Charles H. (b. 14 Jul 1857 pr. Ritchie Co., (W)V; d. 8 Jul. 1858) died young

  6. Alonzo Steele (b. 17 Nov. 1860 Ritchie Co., WV [Bk1:32]) m. 16 Oct 1881 Ritchie Co., WV at bride's residence Ida Arleen Snodgrass , d/o Benjamin F./Anna V. (Prather)

    1. Junia Miova (b. 11 Jul 1882)

    Hardesty's Histories of WV Counties: p. 53-54

    Alonzo Steele Brake is a son of James R. and Elizabeth A. (Bush) Brake, and his family record and his father's war service will be found in the sketch following this one. He was born in Ritchie county, November 17, 1860 and at the residence of the bride's father in this county, October 16, 1881 (Gilmer) he was joined in the bands of matrimony with Ida Arleen, daughter of Benjamin F. and Anna V. (Prather) Snodgrass. She was born in Ritchie county, November 9, 1859 and her parents record in elsewhere given in this Encyclopedia. One daughter makes sunshine in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Brake, Junia Miova, born July 11, 1882. Alonzo S. Brake engaged in a general mercantile business at Auburn, September 25, 1881, and in November, 1882, formed a co-partnership with J. C. Gluck, under the firm name of Gluck & Brake. They are now handling a general merchandise business of at least $20,000 yearly, at Auburn, Ritchie Co. WV.

  7. Laura A. (b. 10 Apr. 1866; d. 11 Nov. 1867 Ritchie Co., WV [Bk; 1853-1903 p. 17]) died young; burned to death

  8. Harvey W. (b. 29 Nov. 1867) legend has it he went west.
    There was a Harry A. W. Brake who m. Hattie Bond in Weld Co., CO 25 Dec. 1888; descendants June Brake m. Owen C. Tracey 28 May 1904???

  9. James Town (b. 6 Apr. 1870 Berea, Ritchie Co., WV; d. 16 Jan. 1926 Pennsboro, Ritchie Co., 55y10m10d) m. 26 Sept 1894 [Ritchie Bk;1853-1903:55, 1875-1937; m. by L. D. Seagers], Alvira "Vira" Summers, d/o John M. Summers
    1. Fronzo (b. Jun 1895; d. 1 Oct. 1895 Ritchie Co. [Bk1853-1903:74] ae 4 months).
    2. Hobert McKinley (b. 7 Aug. 1896 Ritchie Co., WV; d. 15 Dec. 1954 Ritchie Co., WV, ae 68, coronary); m. (1) 24 Dec. 1923 Ritchie [BK:7:398] Jessie Hayhurst; [m. by Rev. W. L. Davis, Seventh Day Baptist.] (b. Ritchie Co., WV; d. bef. 1955) m. (2) 1 May 1955 [Bk14:45] Ritchie Co., WV; Frankie Mildred Eisler (b. 17 Sept 1906) ; m. at Pennsboro by Ralph Richard. In 1992 Frankie res. Pennsboro, WV.
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    3. Hosea Wayne (b. Sept. 1897 Ritchie Co., WV; d. 5 Oct. 1984) m. (1) 16 Aug. 1929 [Ritchie Bk:9:47] Goldie Mae Moyers (b. 6 Feb. 1906 Ritchie Co., WV; d. 31 Dec. 1936, ae 30y10m18), d/o E. L./ Florence (Patton) Moyers; m. (2) 1942 Monnie (James) O'Dell (b. 1915 Central Station, WV). Note: Helen Lantz says that Hosea and Goldie were married on the 15th and not the 16th of August 1929.
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    4. Gurney B. (b. Jan 1900 Ritchie Co., WV); m. 17 Jul. 1918 Forest Schley Tharp MP minister; m. Harrisville by Luther P. Weese. Res. Berea, Ritchie Co., WV.
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    5. Helen (b. 1903) m. (1) Mr. Meades; m. (2) in 1926 Detroit, MI Roy Buzzett.
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  10. Wirt Brake (b. 25 Jan 1872; d.) m. 12 Oct 1893 Elizabeth Maude "Lizzie" Prunty (b. 20 Oct 1867; d. 29 Nov 1901 [Ritchie Bk:92])
    ---res. Buckhannon 1. DeWitt Talamdge (b. 17 Sept. 1895 Berea, Ritchie Co., WV.)

  11. Pitt G. (b. 15 Mar 1874) m. 4 Sep 1898 Ritchie [Bk:1853-1903:99 by J. S. Hall] Birdie Prunty -- res. Parkersburg

p. 10 Lewis County Obits {which volume???? - Dan}
Brake, James, Alum Bridge: w. H. Bush was at Auburn last Saturday and Sunday to attend the funeral of his uncle James Brake. (Ind. 12 Feb. 1895)

History Ritchie County by Minnie Kendall Lowther, Wheeling News, Litho Co., Wheeling WV

Berea, Ritchie County

James R. Brake was long a conspicuous figure in the business circles of the community. He, with his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Bush Brake, came from Lewis County to Bone Creek where they resided for a number of years before the Civil War, in which he was a soldier. Shortly after the close of the struggle he came to the old homestead her and formed a partnership with Thomas Baker in the mercantile business. They later changed their place of business until his death when his sons took charge. The store has been closed for several years now and the old homestead is owned by John M. Summers though occupied by Town Brake who married Miss Vira daughter of Mr. Summers.

Mr. Brake was at one time a member of the County Court and was widely known in business circles as are his sons. Several of his children died in childhood but the surviving ones are as follows:
A. Steele, H. W. resides in the far west, Wirt at Buckhannon, Pitt G. at Parkersburg, Town at the old home .

1890 Veterans census: James R. Brake, Co., G. 14 Reg. WV Inf appl. pension ; Vol. age 41 Sept. 13, 1862 appl. pension 20 Jun. 1888 WV; Eliz appl 27 Apr. 1895

Elizabeth Brake, Berea Ritchie Co., WV widow of James R. Brake, Sgt. G14WV Inf Vol. #612-827
d. Berea WV Jan. 26, 1895 disease of kidney
m. Elizabeth Ann Bush Lewis co. Rec.3P9 affidavit from sister Mary Jane Jeffries Cox's Mill, Gilmer Co., moved to Ritchie Co., ca 1853-1854

suffered from jaundice at New Creek, WV Jan. 1863.

Hardesty's History of WV counties

James R. Brake was born and wedded in Lewis County, now West Virginia, the first event occurring September 7, 1821, and his marriage on the 26th Oct. 1848. Six years after his marriage he made his home in Ritchie county. His wife is Elizabeth Ann, daughter of William and Mahala Bush, and her birth was in Goochland county, VA, July 14, 1827. Eleven children were born to them.

The father of Mr. Brake, John J. Brake, was born December 3, 1796, and died April 10, 1864. Frances, mother of James R. was born in January 1794, and died in July 1853. William Bush, father of Mrs. Brake, was a native of Goochland county, Va, and Mahala, her mother, was born in Fauquier county, VA. The former died in 1865, and the latter in 1873. James R. Brake enlisted in the Federal army in 1862, at Wheeling, WV and served until the close of the was. He was in the battles of Cloyd Mountain, New River Bridge, Lynchburg, Bunker Hill, Carters Farm, Winchester in July and in September of 1864. Fishers Hill, Cedar Creek. After the war closed he embarked in a mercantile business, and also superintended the clearing of two hundred acres of land, which he still owns and lives on, continuing in business at Berea, Ritchie County, WV.

Compiled by Linda Brake Meyers.

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