MARY MAGDELEN "Maudlin" BRAKE b. ca 1750 pr. Frederick Co., VA; d. aft. Aug. 1832; m. JOHN STUMP. Following his death she married JOHN REGER (RAGER, REAGER) d. 8 Aug. 1832. They moved to Muskingum Co., Ohio in the early 1800's. John and Mary Magdelen (Brake) Reger are buried in the Stump-Tanner Cemetery near Zanesville, in Muskingham Co., OH. Their stones are badly broken. Personal visit was made to this cemetery in August, 1990 by Nancy Jackson, Linda Meyers and Dorothy Tunis and her husband. Dorothy descends from Maudlin Brake and had seen the stones before they were broken. (See pictures.)

Magdeline Brake and John Stump were the parents of:

LEONARD STUMP b. 1772 Hardy Co., (W)V; d. 8 Oct. 1847 (in his 76th year of age) Muskingham Co., OH:; buried: Stump-Tanner Cemetery. He m. PHOEBE DAVIS, b. 1778; d. 24 Feb. 1835 (in her 57th year of age) Muskingham Co., OH buried Stump-Tanner Cemetery. See Leonard and Phoebe STUMP's old and new gravestones. In the early 1800's this couple moved to Muskingum Co., OH. Children:

1. JOHN REAGER STUMP, b. 1798. He m. RACHEL GORSUCH in Muskingum Co., OH

2. JAMES LEONARD (OR D.) STUMP b. 1800. He m. #1 SUSAN RANDALL in Muskingum Co., OH. After her death he m. #2 CYNTHIA RENNICK.

3. Jackson Stump b. 1802. He m. MALINDA WOOD in Muskingum Co., OH.

4. MARY M. STUMP b. 1804 OH/WV. She m. NATHANIEL MCCLURE in Muskingham Co., OH. Nathaniel was reportedly a Virginian from Hardy Co., (W)V. He was related to the McClure who married Elizabeth Stump.

5. RUTH STUMP b. 1806. She m. THOMAS TIPTON in Muskingham Co., OH

6. WILLIAM STUMP b. 1808 m. ASENATH PIERSON in Muskingham Co., OH.

7. ELIZABETH STUMP b 1811 m. W. D. MCCLURE in Muskingham Co., OH

8. PHOEBE STUMP b 1814 m WILLIAM TAYLOR TANNER in Muskingham Co., OH.

Will of Leonard Stump

Be it remembered that I Leonard Stump of the County of Muskingum and State of Ohio considering the uncertainty of this human life and being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say, first it is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid. Second, the balance of my real estate which I have not heretofore divided and deeded to my several heirs as their several shares of my real estate consists of ninety seven and a half acres be?? ... more or less of land where I now reside on the west side of the town of ... and being a part of the fourth quarter of the second township and ninth range U.S. Military. I wish to said lot of land with all the improvements and appurtenances to be sold at public sale by my executor to the best advantage after my decease. Out of the effects of said sale I give and bequeath ... my son John r. Stump the sum of one dollar; to son James A. (?) Stump, the sum of one dollar, to my son Jackson Stump's heirs the sum of one dollar, to my son William Stump the sum of one dollar and unto my granddaughter Phebe McClure the sum of five dollars. I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth McClure a married woman and to her heirs one fourth of the balance of the proceeds of the above mentioned sale of land and lastly to my youngest daughter Phebe Tanner a married woman and her heirs the balance whatever may be of the proceeds of the said sale.

And lastly, I hereby constitute and appoint my son-in-law William Tanner to be my executor for this my last will and testament revoking and annulling all former wills by me and ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In testimony where-of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventeenth day of February anno dommo eighteen hundred forty five. Signed. Published and declared by Leonard Stump as for his last will and testament in the presence of us and at his request have signed as witnessed to the same. Attest: Thomas Bealmear and Henry Sheppard. And the examination and testimony of the attesting and subscribing witnesses so reduced to writing and filed in said court and ordered to be recorded as aforesaid is now here accordingly recorded as following to with.

Court Action on Will of John Reger, deceased

At a special court of common pleas for the county of Muskingum, held on the 9th day of October 18XX (pr. 1832), the last will and testament of John Reager deceased is produced and Horatio J. Cox and Thos. Belmer the sub. ... witnessess... being in open court here duly sworn and examined do say the said will was duly recorded that the testator at the time of executing the same was of full gage and of sound mind, memory and understanding and not under any restraint and that the said deceased requested the said Horatio J. and Thomas to sign the same as witnesses thereto and the said will is ordered to be recorded and that letters testamentary issue to Leonard Stump the executor named in said will who appeared in court and is sworn as such and it is ordered that he give bond in the sum of $1500. Horatio J. Cox and Samuel Brush are accepted as seconds.

Will of John Reger, deceased

Know all men by these present that I John Reager of the Township of Licking in the County of Muskingum and State of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory do hereby make the following as my last will and testament that is to say I do give and bequeath to Leonard Stump my stepson fifty five dollars which he owes me on memory. To the heirs of my late brother Jacob Reager, deceased, the sum of one hundred twenty dollars. To my brother Anthony Reager or his heirs the sum of one hundred and twenty dollars. To the heirs of my brother-in-law John Roerbaugh one hundred twenty dollars. To the heirs of my brother-in-law John Ulerech (??) Spear (or Shore?sic) one hundred twenty dollars. To the heirs of my brother-in-law, Joseph Scott one hundred twenty dollars. To Anne Reager, the daughter of my brother Henry Reager, one dollar. The balance of my property both real and personal I do bequeath unto my wife and grandson John Reager Stump to be divided equally among (crossed out and copied on top) between them. The above legacy may be paid within three years after my decease. And I do hereby appoint my friend and stepson Leonard Stump as the executor of this my last will and testament. Given under my hand and sealed this twenty second day of June in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred thirty one. John IR( mark) Reager his seal. Signed and sealed in front of John (?) and Thos (?) Belmont.

Images of the documents of the Estate of John Regar (after August 1832)

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Estate of John Regar, page 1

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Compiled by Linda Brake Meyers.

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