Nik's Visit December 1, 2001
By Dan Hyde

We were surprised by a phone call from my nephew Nik Hyde on Friday November 30th saying that he would be driving his truck by on I 80 the next day. Could we get together at Bonanza Restaurant near the junction of I 80 and US 15? Of course, we agreed!

All the pictures were taken with Dan's digital camera, a Canon S300 Digital Elph. Since the images were reduced by 50% to fit people's web browsers, some resolution was lost. Enjoy!

Image of Nik's CFI truck

Nik Hyde's CFI truck at Bonanza's parking lot
Picture taken before we had lunch. Sky is cloudy.

Image of Nik's truck

Nik and his Truck.
The rest of the pictures were taken after lunch. Now bright and sunny.
You can see Nik's dish for satellite TV. That folds down when he is on the road.

Image of the whole family Mary Jane, Scotty and Dan

The whole Hyde family: Mary Jane, Scotty and Dan in front of truck.
It is cold and the wind is blowing!

Image of Scott in truck

Scotty in Cab

Image of Scott backing the truck

Scotty backing the truck! Not really! Just kidding!

Image of Scott next to mudflap

Scotty next to mudflap to show the size of the wheels

Image of Scott on Cab

Scotty on Cab

Image of the bed inside of truck

The Bed Area Inside of the Truck

Image of Nik giving Scott a Twirl

Nik gives Scotty a Twirl

Image of Nik and truck

Nik Driving

Image of Nik Waving

Nik Waving.
Hard to get focused picture due to the strong wind!

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