SeaWorld Volume 1
San Diego, California Trip
Friday June 29, 2001
By Dan Hyde

Image of Shamu

Shamu the Killer Whale

Image of Shamu Does BackFlip

Shamu Doing BackFlip

Image of Shamus's Splash

Shamus's Splash

Image of Trainer
 Tossed in Air

Trainer Tossed in Air (Look Closely to See Water Draining from Her Feet)

Image of Shamu
 Splashes People

Shamu Splashes People

Image of Sea Lion Barking

Sea Lion Barking

Image of Pilot Whale.

Pilot Whale at Dolphin Show

Image of
 Pilot Whale about to Splash Scott

Pilot Whale about to Splash Scott

Image of Soaked
 Scott in Front Row

Soaked Scott in Front Row After Being Splashed by Pilot Whale

Image of Dolly
 the Dolphin's Highjump

Dolly the Dolphin's High Jump

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