Our Trip to Oregon - Tamastslikt Cultural Institute and Mt. Hood area
August 4, 2000
By Dan Hyde

Image of Tamastslikt Cultural Institute

Tamastslikt Cultural Institute Sign

The Tamastslikt Cultural Institute is owned and operated by the Umatilla and two other local Native American tribes. It portraits the Native American's side of the story of the Oregon Trail migration and other aspects of their history. Well done!

Image of Diorama of Native American
man and woman on horseback.

Life-size Diorama of Native American Man and Woman on Horseback.

After Tamastslikt, we drove west on Interstate 84 retracing our steps of the day before until Hood River, Oregon.

Image of Mount Hood

Mount Hood from road

From Hood River, we took Route 35 south to circle south around Mount Hood. Mount Hood is almost an official icon of Oregon. A dormant volcano, it rises majestically from the plains.

Image of Barlow Road Sign

Barlow Road Sign

We traveled over Barlow Pass and turned off to a portion of the old Barlow Road which was built in 1845 to allow the pioneers on the Oregon Trail to avoid the dangerous raft trip down the Columbia River. We visited the old Pioneer Woman's grave, who died in the 1840s so very close to her goal of moving to Oregon.

Image of Barlow Road

Portion of Barlow Road near Barlow Pass
which was improved by the Forest Service in the 1930s

Image of MJ and Scott on Barlow 

MJ and Scott on Barlow Road

Image of Mount Hood near
Timberline Lodge

Mount Hood from near Timberline Lodge

We took the turn for Timberline Lodge and drove up the side of Mount Hood. At Timberline Lodge, they ski all year long. No snow at the Lodge but we watched them grooming the snow up at the high end of the ski lift. For supper, we had great pizza at the Blue Ox in the Lodge.

Image of Timberline Lodge

Front Entrance to Timberline Lodge

Image of Hand Carved Wooden Pelican

Hand Carved Wooden Pelican
Example of workmanship of the 1920s when Lodge was built.

Image of wilderness mosaic

Wildlife Mosaic in Lobby of Lodge

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