Our Trip to Oregon - Portland Zoo Section
August 6, 2000
By Dan Hyde

Image of Giraffe at Portland Zoo

Giraffe at Portland Zoo

Since the giraffe is Scotty's favorite animal, I had to take this!

Image of Table legs

Table legs

I was charmed by the neat bronze statues all through the zoo such as these two prairie dogs holding up this table.

Image of Train at Portland Zoo

We Rode on a 4 mile Train Ride Through Portland Zoo

Image of Train at Portland Zoo

Train Ride through Woods to Rose Garden at Portland Zoo

Image of Scott Feeding Lorikeets

Scott Feeding Lorikeets

Image of Jan with Lorikeet

Jan with Lorikeet

Image of Lorikeet

A Lorikeet

Image of Scott in Kids Door to Gift Shop

Scott in Kids' Door to Gift Shop

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