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My Trip to Cancun, Mexico
By Scott Hyde
April 29 to May 6, 2000

[This is a transcription of Scott's Journal of our trip to Cancun. I can't do justice to his original journal which has many hand drawn pictures, cutouts and photos glued on the cover and on the pages. I have taken the liberty to correct misspelled words. Otherwise the text is totally his! My clarifications are in square brackets. Scott is in third grade. Dan]


I am going to Cancun. This is going to be my journal so there are going to be pictures and lots of writing. Scott

April 29, 2000 Saturday

Today we went to Harrisburg[, PA] then to Charlotte, NC. on the way to Cancun, Mexico. I saw "Bicentennial Man" [movie on plane]. It was fun. When we got to Cancun we had to go to Pass Port Control. It was a long line. Then we got our suitcases. We got on a bus to our resort. We unpacked and then went swimming. For supper we went to a Italian restaurant. Then we walked around the hotel [grounds]. We also watched a soccer game [on TV].

April 30, 2000 Sunday

Today we are going to Chichen-Itza. But first we have to eat breakfast. I had sausage, french toast and cereal. Then we got on the bus. On the way we had a funny guide [Mario]. He said that Chichen-Itza was called chicken pizza. I saw two Iguanas. We stopped at a shop. My mom bought me a hat and sunglasses. I sleep on the way about an hour. [When] We got there we spent about an hour with our tour guide. Then me and my Dad climbed up big pyramid. I only climbed up a little bit but then I went up a little further. After that we got back on the bus. We stopped to see a water hole [a cenote - well]. I sleep a long while on the way back.

May 1, 2000

Today we are going to rest but stay in town. My Dad has to go to his convention. For breakfast, we went to McDonalds. I had pancakes and to drink I had Sprite. After breakfast we took a bus to Playa Linda. There we got on a glass bottom boat. When we went down to the glass bottom, I saw 6 different kind of fish plus one seahorse. After we went on the glass bottom boat, we went to Walmart. There we bought coffee, cream, coke and skittles [a candy]. When we were done we went back to the hotel. Then we swam. For supper we got food from the deli. I sleep like a log.

Tuesday May 2

Disaster strikes!!! You may know that the water in Mexico is bad and by accident I swallowed some pool water and got sick. First we walked up to the beach point [and] I started to get cold. When I came back I sept some more. When I woke up, I had a high temperature of 104.1. I watched TV all morning. Then about 12:00 [noon] I said to Mom, "I feel like I have to throw up." So I went to the bathroom but going to the bathroom I threw up [on the floor]. I threw up 4 times. For supper I had scrambled eggs.

Wednesday May 3, 2000

Today we went beach combing. After that we had breakfast. For breakfast I had corn pops. Then we went to a Mayan ruins named del Rey. We saw lots [of] iguanas and lizards. It was hot. After that we took a bus to a mall called La Isla. There we bought a necklace for Mom and Jan and I bought a keychain for my teacher. For lunch we eat at McDonalds. After that people tried to get us to buy condominiums. After that we went to another mall to see the rain forest. After that we got some water and went back to our hotel to swim. For supper we had Mexican food.

Thursday, May 4, 2000

Today for breakfast I had fruit loops. For lunch I had a quesadilla and apple juice. Then we went to a Maya Museum. After that [we] swam. I slept like a log.

Friday May 5, 2000

Today we going to Tulum and Xel-Ha. For breakfast I had fruit loops. Then we got on the bus. It took about 3 hours to get to Tulum. When we got there we took the Trolly to the ruins. When the guide let us go, we went to one ruin. Then had lunch. When we got to Xel-Ha we got a life vest and went snorkeling. I saw about 900 kinds of fish. After that I had a hot dog then we got back on the bus. And for supper we ate at a banquet [at Dan's conference] for supper.

Saturday May 6, 2000

Today we are going to Xcaret. When we got there we got life vests and went swimming in the underground river. After that we had lunch at a restaurant. I had a very good steak. After lunch we saw the flyers and the butterfly pavilion and the aquarium. Then we saw the Maya ball game. We also saw cool show [of Mexican dancers]. Then we went to our hotel.

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Tired Tourist!!!!

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