Computer Science Department, Bucknell University

Setting Up Your Own Home Page

  1. Logon to the computer which is a World Wide Web (WWW) server. At Bucknell this is the machine called coral. If you do not have an account on coral you need to acquire one.

  2. Create a directory called "public_html" in your home directory.

    % cd

    % mkdir public_html

  3. Move to the new "public_html" directory.

    % cd public_html

  4. Copy a sample student home page into your account and call it "index.html". This will be your WWW home page.

    % cp ~hyde/public_html/student-home.html index.html

    [If you are a faculty member, copy ~hyde/public_html/faculty-home.html ]

  5. Use your favorite editor, e. g., emacs, to edit the new file index.html and insert information about yourself.

    % emacs index.html

    Note: For help on using the HyperText Markup Language (HTML), read Beginner's Guide to HTML.

  6. Finally, you need to make sure:

  7. Following these steps will set your home page URL to be:

  8. Try out your new home page using Mosaic.

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