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Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson was born in Clarksburg, (W)V. on Jan. 21, 1824. He was the son of Jonathan Jackson and Juliet Beckwith Neale, the daughter of Thomas Neale who settled in Wood Co., WV.

*You can claim relationship to Stonewall if you can prove your lineage back to one of Stonewall's grandparents Thomas Neale, his wife, Edward Jackson or his wife Mary Hadden.

Stonewall's great grandparents John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins were the immigrants of his Jackson family. They had eight children who lived to maturity and raised families.


  1. George Jackson married twice: Elizabeth Brake and Nancy Richardson. He had children from both marriages.

  2. Edward Jackson was Stonewall's grandfather. He married twice: His first wife, Mary Hadden, d/o David was the mother of Jonathan Jackson, Stonewall's father. Col. Edward's second wife was Elizabeth Brake, d/o John Brake and his first wife, Elizabeth Wetherholt.

  3. John Jackson Jr. married twice. His first wife was Rebecca Hadden, d/o David, his second wife was Elizabeth "Betsy" Cozad.

  4. Samuel Jackson married once. His wife was Barbary Reger. This family settled in Terre Haute, IN and some of his descendant migrated to MO.

  5. Henry Jackson married twice, he had 25 children. His first wife was Mary Hyre. His second wife was Elizabeth Shreve.

  6. Mary Sarah Jackson married Philip Reger. She died after the birth of one child, Elizabeth, who married Isaac Dix.

  7. Sophia Jackson married Joseph Davis.

  8. Elizabeth Jackson married Abraham Brake.

*You can claim relationship to Stonewall if you can trace your lineage to these families.

STONEWALL JACKSON married twice.

#1 Elinor Junkin... she died in the first year of the marriage...there were no children.

#2. Mary Anna Morrison, d/o Dr. Robert Hall Morrison and Mary Graham. There were two children born to this marriage, one lived to maturity.

...daughter: Julia Laura Neale Jackson married William Edmund Christian.

There were two children born of this marriage:

1. Julia Laura Jackson Christian married Edmund Randolph Preston

2. Thomas Jonathan Jackson Christian married Bertha Margaret Cook

*You can claim relationship to Stonewall if you can trace your lineage to these families.

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