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Clarksburg, West Virginia

Report from Nancy Jackson, President of Jackson Brigade, Inc.
October 1, 1999

On Tuesday evening, Oct. 26, 1999 The Clarksburg Stonewall Jackson Civic Club will have a program titled: "Footsteps to the Future". This program will be the presentation of the plans of the recently established organization that has been approved for incorporation by the State to be The Jackson Cemetery Memorial Foundation. Joining the officers and members of the Civic Club will be members of the City Council to assist with the introduction of this Community Service program.

The Foundation has applied for federal tax free status and upon receipt of that status, a major fund raising drive will officially begin to raise funds for this multi-million dollar project. Plans are being made for a visitor's center at the Historic Jackson Cemetery in Clarksburg. There also will be an interpretative history display. I am secretary of the Foundation and chairman of a committee responsible for compiling a cemetery book, which will include the history of the cemetery and biographical sketches of individuals buried there. This project was spearheaded by The Clarksburg Stonewall Jackson Civic Club of which I am also a member. The City Manager and his staff are active in this project as well.

As President of the Jackson Brigade, I will propose to the Board of Directors that a major portion of our Cemetery Fund be given to the Foundation providing they will put a wrought iron fence around the Jackson plots (Jonathan Jackson and John George Jackson, John and Elizabeth Jackson). I will also be encouraging that the stones within the Jackson plots be restored - primarily this would be the Duncan stones and Mary Payne Jackson's stone. After discussing this with Dollie Bassel, President of the Foundation, I feel she will also support this restoration. I would like to see the descendants of John and Elizabeth Jackson raise enough money to carry out restoration of the Jackson portion of the cemetery.

In May, there will be a program to commemorate the death of Stonewall Jackson. This program will be held at the cemetery. This is a great opportunity for the descendants of John and Elizabeth (Cummins) Jackson to become involved in restoration of the Cemetery. I am asking you to continue to send contributions to the Jackson Brigade Cemetery Fund or send pledges to The Jackson Cemetery Memorial Foundation, with the stipulation that the money be used for a wrought iron fence to enclose the Jackson plots and/or restoration of the stones within the Jackson plots. If pledges are made to The Jackson Cemetery Memorial Foundation, they may be sent to the Jackson Brigade Inc. for the time being and I will see that the pledges are routed to the Foundation.

Nancy Jackson, President of Jackson Brigade, Inc.

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