Potter County, PA Lookups

A list of volunteers who will look up information for you in their personal library.

Any volunteer would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Dan, hyde at bucknell.edu via email.

The following organizations or individuals have volunteered their services. Please remember they are voluteers. Don't waste their time with questions that could easily be looked up in any good city library.

The following individuals will do lookups but charge a fee:

  1. Michael Disorbo

    Michael is a genealogical researcher covering western NY and northern PA. Because of the over whelming volume of requests Michael has received, he is no longer able to provide this service free of charge. He is, however, still willing to do lookups for a fee that will cover his expenses. Contact him at disorbo@froggernet.com or visit his website at http://www.angelfire.com/biz/SoManyBranches to work out details.

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