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Reger Bible on display in the Chapel on the campus of the
West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, Upshur Co., WV.
Picture taken by Dan Hyde, August 13, 1999

The card next to the Bible in the display says:
This 1753 German Bible was brought to this area by Jacob Reger in 1782. He was the forefather of the Regers who have lived in West Virginia and those Regers who later moved westward.

The Reverend John W. Reger was one of the founders of West Virginia Wesleyan College. Roy S. Reger was the first student to enroll at Wesleyan.

The Bible was presented to West Virginia Wesleyan College in 1980 by: Mrs. Dean Johnson, Jefferson City, Missouri; Mr. John S. Reger, Buckhannon, West Virginia; Mr. Kyle M. Reger, Buckhannon, West Virginia; and Mr. Robert H. Reger, Buckhannon, West Virginia.

Jacob REGER's Bible

[The following information on the Jacob REGER's Bible is found in the "Hacker's Creek Journal" Vol. XI, Issue 1, 1992, pages 53-55. The first item appears to be written by Beatrice ARNOLD GRIFFIN of Upshur County in 1938.]

This old Lutheran Bible, published in MDCCLIII (1753) and containing Apocal, has no regular Family Record but scattered through it are to be found some entries.

This Bible is the same which was carried across the sea [We doubt this because the Regers emigrated in 1737 and the Crites in 1741. - Margaret Lew] and across the wilderness in 1776 by JACOB & BARBARY CRITES REGER, and their family, when they came to their new home in what was then or just shortly before part of West Augusta County, which was in October 1776 a part of Monongalia County; in 1784 a part of Harrison County; Randolph in 1786; Lewis in 1816 Barbour in 1843; & Upshur in 1851.

One Entry is "Jacob Reger was born in the year of our Lord 1700."
Another is "Abraham Reger was born in the year of our Lord----."

The Bible has been handed down from JACOB & BARBARY CRITES REGER as follows:

To their son JOHN, who married ELIZABETH WEST; to their daughter BARBARY REGER, who married JAMES TEETER/TETER in 1820, and married 2nd husband PETER ZINN.


BARBARY REGER TETER gave the Bible to her grandson IRVIN TETER. IRVIN TETER and his wife KATE WHITE TETER gave the Bible to their son RALPH who married a HINKEL. Their son BENJAMIN is to have the Bible.

The entries are very faded.

Though the Bible is in Upshur county, at the home of Mr. Ralph Teter [in 1938], they receive their mail at Volga, Barbour County, Rt.1.

The Bible is 12 x 16 x 5 and weighs 12 lbs. It is wooden (looks like oak) covered, and that is in turn covered with leather. The corners have been protected by brass plates, however, only one plate remains. At one time the Bible had brass clasps. Illustrations are by Isnard. Tower of Babel, Molten calf, Pillar of fire, etc.

Copied by BEATRICE ARNOLD GRIFFIN of Upshur County, June 20, 1938.



NATHAN REGER & MARY were married 1-1-1837.

REBECCA REGER was born 2-7-1824.

LUCINDA REGER was born 6-27-1840.

MARY COLUMBY REGER was born 2-18-1844

NIMROD D. REGER & VIOLA E. REGER were married 9-14-1865

AMANDA W. REGER & SAMUEL R. BIRD were married 3-20-1866.

MR. NATHAN REGER & MRS. ISABEL M.C. REGER were married 10-19-1854 or 1851.


NATHAN REGER was b. 5-4-1816

MARY REGER, the wife of NATHAN REGER, was b. 9-22-1808

ISABEL M.E. REGER was b. 4-14-1830

KATE REGER, the wife of NATHAN F. REGER (son of NATHAN) was b. 5-15-1853.

MIFFLIN L. REGER was b. 7-2-1838, d. age 5 yr, 4 m, 2 d

ISAAC N. REGER was b. 9-4-1839

JACOB S. REGER was b. 2-27-1841

NIMROD D. REGER was b. 4-30-1843

AMANDA W. REGER was b. 11-23-1845

S. R. BIRD was b. 1-30-1844

FILLMORE F. REGER, son of NATHAN & MARY, was born 2-27-1848 on Brushy Fork of Buckhannon, in Lewis Co, VA Altered to Nathan F. Reger

EMMA GERTRUDE REGER was b. 11-23-1869

FLORENCE MAY REGER was born 10-2-1871

CLAUDE L. REGER was born 5-1-1875

FRED HAMPTON REGER was born 4-28-1877

SARAH GERTRUDE REGER was b. 7-2-1855

MARY CAROLINE REGER was b. 3-24-1858 A.D.

CHARLES W. REGER was born 8-14-1864

ADA M. REGER was born 5-31-1863.

ANNABELL REGER was b. 2-1-1866.

JOHN R. REGER was born 8-20-1868 A.D.


PHILIP REGER died 7-18-1846, in the 80th year of his age.

I.N.REGER fell in the Battle of GAins Mills near Richmond, Va., 6-27-1862.

NATHAN REGER died 8-5-1891, age 75 years, 3 months, 1 day.

MARY REGER, mother of N.F., died 11-6-1853, age 45-2-14.

ISABEL REGER, wife of NATHAN, died 2-1875.

MIFFLIN L. REGER, son of NATHAN, d. 11-5-1843, age 5 yr,4 mo, 2 days.

THERESA REGER, wife of N.F.Reger, died 2-18-1894.

[The following item seems to be written in 1992 to accompany the above item.]

This Bible was bought by PHILIP REGER, a Rev. Soldier, in 1793 probably. It is in the possession [in 1992] of Mr. CLAUDE REGER, Post office Ireland, Lewis Co, W.V., 1/2 mile on dirt road towards Ingll.

Sterotype Edition, the Holy Bible, containing Old and New Testaments and apocrypha.

With Canne's Marginal Notes and references, to which are added an Index and an alphabetical table of all names in the Old and New Testaments with their significance.

Sterotyped by E. White, New York & Philadelphia.

Published and sold by Kimbler and Sharples at their book store No. 93 Market Street.

Leather covered. Size 10 1/2 x 6 x 3.

Copied by MRS. BEATRICE ARNOLD GIFFIN of Upshur Co., WV in 1938.

The above from "Hacker's Creek Journal" Vol. XI, Issue 1, 1992, pages 53-55.

Today Jacob Reger's Bible is on display at the West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, WV in the chapel just inside the door behind glass on the left side. It can been seen at any time the chapel is open. - Melinda Larson.

The little book from McClain Printing Co. titled "Genealogy of Thomas Hall" has a photo of the Bible with a TETER descendant who was one of the more recent owners. - Mary Ann Wamsley

Also shown on the title page is the place the Bible was published -- Basel. Our Regers came from the canton of Basel. I suppose they purchased the Bible over here or had it sent to them from Switzerland. I am so glad that the photographer and the TETER descendant decided to photograph that title page. - Margaret Lew

Submitted by Ann Carroll with additions by others noted.

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