TFCC Newsletter
Volume 2, Number 2, November, 2000

IEEE Computer Society

TFCC-L the On-line Discussion Group of the
IEEE CS Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC)

Colleagues Interested in Cluster Computing,

   The IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing has a
list server-based mailing list at Bucknell University. 

   If you wish to become a member of the TFCC-L discussion list, you
need to subscribe by following the instructions below.

   Please subscribe to receive the latest news on cluster computing
as well as to be a part of the active dialog about cluster computing
   Dan, TFCC-L list owner

   To SUBSCRIBE, you send mail to


with the body of the message containing a line like:

            subscribe tfcc-l your name


    To LEAVE the list, you send mail to


with the body of the message containing the line:

            unsubscribe tfcc-l


     To POST a message to members of the list, send an
e-mail message to:


(Caps, lowercase or mixed case won't matter; the address is case


   The list is currently configured so that replies to list messages
will go to the sender of the message rather than the whole list.  To
post your reply to the whole list, you need to CC to address


Contributions sent to the list are automatically archived.
Anyone can browse the past discussion messages at the TFCC-L discussion Archive.

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