Rich Kozick
Spring, 1997

EE 200: Lab Report Format

In response to your questions in class today (February 5), I have not yet located Professor Gum to obtain more details about the lab report format. I would suggest the following guidelines to help you prepare the report. I will ask Professor Gum to update these guidelines for future reports.
  1. Clearly state the problem. Make your report self-contained, so that the report is clear without reading the lab handout from Professor Gum.

  2. Explain the reasoning behind the approach that you used to solve the problem.

  3. Explain your results. How well did your approach work? If your design did not work exactly as expected, can you explain why? Was it possible to modify your design in order to meet the original design specifications?

  4. If you have any circuit diagrams or other figures, they can be placed on a separate page at the end of the report. Be sure to label each figure with a number, and then use that number to refer to the figure. The figures can be hand-drawn.
Thank you!