EE 200
Prof. Rich Kozick
Spring, 1997

EE 200: In-Class Exercises

  1. What is the Thevenin model, and why is it useful?

  2. How might you determine a Thevenin equivalent model for a solar cell from experimental measurements? Describe the steps you would perform.

  3. Consider an audio amplifier that can be modeled by a Thevenin circuit with a resistance of tex2html_wrap_inline30. Suppose the maximum voltage the amplifier can produce is tex2html_wrap_inline32 V.
    1. What is the peak power that is delivered to one 8 tex2html_wrap_inline34 speaker connected to the amplifier, as shown below?

    2. Suppose that two tex2html_wrap_inline36 speakers are to be driven by this amplifier. The speakers can be connected in series or in parallel, as shown below. How much power is delivered to each speaker in the series connection? What about the parallel connection? Which connection is ``better''?

Kozick Rich
Tue Feb 11 16:40:14 EST 1997