Rich Kozick
Spring, 1997

EE 200: Homework 9
Design and Construction of a Digital Stopwatch

Date: Weeks of March 31 and April 5, 1997.

  1. Our main focus for next two weeks will be the design and construction of a simple digital stopwatch. This should be a fun project that will illustrate the basic ideas of digital systems. We will learn how some integrated circuit (IC) "chips" operate, and also how the chips are connected together as subsystems in a larger system.

  2. No written homework will be assigned or collected during this project. We will discuss the design of the stopwatch during class. You will need to understand how all of the subsystems work in order to put together your stopwatch. You will perform the wiring of the stopwatch outside of class (this is your "homework"), and then you will be asked to demonstrate your working stopwatch during lab. The next exam and the final exam will contain questions about the stopwatch operation, so please make sure you understand the design process that we use.

  3. Reading: Relevant sections of the text are pp. 7-9, Section 11.1 (pp. 391-405: focus on the truth table concept, but not the details of the various operations), Section 12.1 (binary and decimal numbers), and pp. 457-460 (7-segment display). Additional notes will be distributed during class relating to the details of the stopwatch.
Thank you.